Land Restoration
From Start to Finish

Image after clearing, 
before finish Kuzma Heavy Bulldozing recently completed converting a large, rugged and wooded property into a pasture, encompassing several acres.

Using laser grading, an electronic state of the art process for finishing especially critical surfaces, allowed for creating the even final grade. Laser grading is essential for precise finish of all types of terrain, turning rugged areas into finished areas such as horse arenas, hayfields, pasture land, athletic fields and more.

This type of grading also enables the operator to create  sheet drainage, allowing water to run off a surface evenly without concentrated rivulets which cause erosion. Sheet grading is commonly used on golf courses. Finished Pasture

Kuzma Heavy Bulldozing will clear and finish your unusable areas into useful eye appealing grounds. Restore overgrown fields and convert brush covered or wooded areas into desirable land. Fine finishing all types of acreage can create everything from expansive lawns, riding arenas and open pastures, to grass covered spaces surrounding shopping malls, golf courses and more. Contact us for more information.

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