Precision Laser grading

Precision Laser GradingKuzma Heavy Bulldozing offers a machine mounted laser grading system.

Laser grading is an electronic state of the art process which allows for precise, fine grading of especially critical surfaces, such as athletic fields, parking lots, roads and horse arenas. Laser grading is especially useful in the redistribution of sand on weather damaged beaches.

This type of grading enables the operator to create  sheet drainage, allowing water to run off a surface evenly without concentrated rivulets which cause erosion. Sheet grading is commomly used on golf courses.
Filling and Grading

The demolition of the Aetna Insurance Building in Middletown, Connecticut by Stamford Wrecking Company leaves a huge 5 acre cellar hole which with joint effort with Kuzma Heavy Bulldozing was filled and graded in a timely fashion.

Jobs such as the Aetna demolition, fill and grade require appropriate sized equipment, see photos here!

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